Saturday, March 2, 2013

7 pm to 9 pm

Ritual Dance for Peace at Losar (Tibetan New Year)

Performance by The New York Lingdro Dance Troupe

Suggested donation: $10


Please join the Lingdro group of Western meditation students in welcoming the Year of the Water Snake with a ritual dance performance for peace. Lingdro Dechen Rolmo (the music of great bliss payday loans without a checking account which is a dance of Ling) is a powerful moving meditation in which colorfully garbed male and female dancers step, stamp, hop, and whirl. They invoke Ling Gesar, the enlightened warrior-king, subject of the most famous Asian epic story, much like that of King Arthur. As they stamp out negativity and stamp in bliss, the dancers’ movements bless the area and all those project payday present, while the energy ripples out to the entire world.The dance was received as a meditative vision by the great Tibetan scholar and mystic, Mipham Rinpoche, with the intention of averting war. Lin Lerner, PhD, director of the troupe, learned this dance in 1974-1975 while working on her doctorate in a Tibetan refugee camp in Orissa, India.