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Manjushri Wisdom Buddha—high quality gold plated, 12.5H x 7.5w x 5.5D

Also written Manjushree (Tibetan: Jampelyang) is the Bodhisattva of keen awareness in Buddhism. A disciple of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, he represents wisdom, intelligence and realization, and is one of the most popular Bodhisattvas following Avalokitesvara.

A male Bodhisattva, Manjusri is depicted brandishing the sword of wisdom and light in his right hand, representing his realization of wisdom which cuts through ignorance and wrong views. The scripture held in his left on the lotus is the Prajnaparamita, representing his attainment of ultimate realization and enlightenment. Variations upon his traditional form as Manjusri include Guhya-Manjusri, Guhya-Manjuvajra, and Manjuswari, most of which are Tantric forms associated with Tibetan Buddhism. His left hand is in Jnana Mudra (teaching gesture).

In Nepal he is considered the founder of Nepalese civilization and the founder of the Kathmandu Valley. One story tells of Manjushri being a Chinese Saint. His intuition told him of the blue flame (symbolizing Adibuddha or Swayambhu) on a lotus in a big lake in Nepal. He went there to offer worship but was not able to reach it due to the water. With his sword, he cut the southern wall of the hills and the water of the lake then drained to the south. The dry valley became the Kathmandhu Valley. Many people believe that the worship of Manjushri will reveal the light of transcendental wisdom.


Price: $1,500.00

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