Ven. Chamtrul Rinpoche

Dream Yoga Retreat ~ Lucid Dreaming

“Training The Mind for The Achievement of The Nature of

Mind’s State, by The Method of Sleeping Yoga”…Chamtrul Rinpoche

Public Introduction to Dream Yoga Meditation

July 20th 7-9pm             Free of Charge

Weekend Meditation Instructions and Retreat

July 21st & 22nd          9am-12noon  & 2pm-6pm    $35 Per Day

“Tibetan Dream Yoga is the original form of lucid dreaming documented for at least 1,000 years. Also known as Milam – the yoga of the dream state – it’s a suite of advanced tantric techniques. Just like our Westernized understanding of lucid dreams, the initial aim is to awaken the consciousness in the dream state. In the Tibetan tradition, dream yoga is also used to practice Bodhicitta and develop wisdom.”…Chamtrul Rinpoche

Chamtrul Rinpoche, Lobsang Gyatso, was recognized as the reincarnation of the second Katok Chamtrul Pema Nangsal Dorje Rinpoche, from Mardo Tashi Chöling Monastery, one of the branch monasteries of Katok. His first teacher was Naljor Yeshe Wangchuk Rinpoche, under whom he studied and practised Tummo and Dzogchen teachings intensively. Later he studied at the Institute of Buddhist Philosophy at Katok Monastery, after which he joined the shedra of Larung Gar Monastery at Sertar. There, while studying under his root guru, Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok Rinpoche, he was awarded the degree of khenpo, and began to teach Madhyamaka, pramanaand other subjects.

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