Buddha-nature: Introduction to the Uttaratantra, The Sublime Continuum of Maitreya

with John Whitney Pettit, PhD

Thursdays in April (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th) 6-8 pm

The Uttaratantra is one of the five so-called “Dharmas of Maitreya”, quintessential Mahayana Buddhist teachings given to the fourth-century Indian Buddhist master Asanga during his studies with the future Buddha, Maitreyanatha. The meaning of Sublime Continuum refers to the Buddha-nature, or ground of the natural great perfection that contains the seed or quality of basic goodness and basic wakefulness in each sentient being-process.

The Sublime Continuum has long been one of the most important texts in the study curriculum of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. In these four two-hour classes we will study parts of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s freely downloadable commentary on the Sublime Continuum as well as portions of Prof. Pettit‘s own translated materials on the topic of Buddha-nature.

Thursdays in April, 6-8 pm. $100/4 classes.
Please register by calling (845) 383-1774

John Whitney Pettit holds three advanced degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities, and is the author of Mipham’s Beacon of Certainty (Wisdom, 1999)


Healing Shamatha Meditation

Saturday, April 21st, 1-4 pm

at The Tibetan Center

Co-Sponsored by Pure Vision Foundation

Join us for a special teaching and practice with 

Phakyab Rinpoche

“You will teach the world how to heal.”  His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Venerable Phakyab Rinpoche, born in 1966 in Kham, Tibet, was recognized by the Dalai Lama as an incarnate Lama. In 2003, upon entering the US, Rinpoche faced a life-threatening diagnosis of gangrene. Amputation being the only course of treatment offered, he began a journey of self-healing that ended in curing himself through meditation practice and defying the “impossible.” 

Rinpoche will talk about the incredible challenges he faced and the course he decided to take. He will also lead a Healing Shamatha Meditation, which takes the foundational practice of calm abiding – stabilizing ourselves in concentrated awareness and compassion – to another level, enhancing our ability to create a healing environment for our own physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. 

Rinpoche’s book will also be available for signing.

Suggested Donation: $20 All are welcome. 


Connect with your Multi Dimensional Self
with Darlene Van de Grift
Saturday April 28 12:30-5:00pm

This time in history is propitious for karmic release and clearing timelines, creating a ripple of positivity and wellbeing in our society as well as in our close circles. Perhaps you experience the sensation that global chaos is increasing, feel off-center when you awaken, and need to work harder to regain your center? When we hold tight to past events and timelines they often define us and those around us. Unconscious attachment to negative patterns and behaviors can become embedded in our DNA. Darlene’s Release Karma workshop focuses on introducing you to deep cleansing protocols to remove attachment.

Darlene has worked with the Blue Crystalline Forefathers, also known as The Council of 28 Multidimensional Light Beings, for over 30 years. Their mission is to assist humanity in releasing old influences carried through our long lives. These heart-based, Council members downloaded images of themselves to Darlene to paint and share their unique history, lineage and mission, while they emanate peace, love and joy.

Cost: $65
Please call (845) 383-1774/email us at info@tibetancenter.org to register Partial scholarships are available

This workshop will be followed by Sound Immersion by Paul Campbell.

with Paul Campbell
at The Tibetan Center
Saturday, April 28, 6-8 pm

SOUND IMMERSION, the Art of Sound Healing, invites you to experience profound creativity, relaxation and clarity (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional). Ride waves of pure Sound emanating from Gongs, RavVast, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum, and allow your inner therapeutic Dreamscape to come forward for “Aha!” inspiration through mindful listening.

SOUND IMMERSION begins with creating your personal Intention, and mindfully freeing yourself from the tethers of internal chatter, to align your Intention with the Field of Infinite Possibility.

For your total comfort, kindly bring a yoga mat or cushion to lay on carpeted floor, or sit in house chair.
6:00-6:55 Sound Immersion Part I 
 6:55-7:00 Quiet Pause for comfort 
 7:00-7:30 Sound Immersion Part II

$20 per person

Paul Campbell’s long life thread of talents, skills and life lessons finds fruition in Sound Immersion. Paul’s career fusion of Percussion, CranialSacral Balancing, Polarity Therapy, Tibetan Buddhism and Product Design all empower his being in the moment, to intuitively read and enhance the internal, external and eternal vibration of Sound Immersion listeners.

Paul collaborates with hand selected instruments and their Sound partnership soars when he invites, listens and allows each instrument to play him.

The Tibetan Center 875 Route 28 Kingston NY
www.tibetancenter.org (845) 383-1774


The 2018 Tibetan Center Film Series

Saturdays monthly at 7 pm

Journey From Zanskar
May 5th
Two monks honor their vows by bringing children from the remote Zanskar region to where they can receive a Tibetan Buddhist education befitting their heritage. The community will do whatever it takes to have their hazardous journey succeed. Directed by Frederick Marx. 2010, narrated by Richard Gere, featuring the Dalai Lama. 90 mins.

The Nightingale of Tibet
June 2nd
Starring Namgyal Lhamo, the film is the fictionalized story of a Tibetan opera singer abducted and imprisoned by government forces in retribution for her beautiful songs of freedom. She eventually escapes and travels into exile. Directed by Arvind Iyer. 2013, in English. 74 mins.

Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
July 21st
In the Tibet Autonomous Region in the 1990s, a journalist accompanies patrols trying to protect the Tibetan antelope from poachers. Both groups must face the harsh environment in the largest and highest plateau in the world. Directed by Lu Chuan. 2004, in Mandarin and Tibetan with English subtitles. 90 mins.

The Last Dalai Lama?
August 11th
Twenty years ago His Holiness challenged world-renowned Neuroscientists to look into the workings of the mind and prove scientifically that Tibetan Buddhist technologies for overcoming afflictive emotions are skills that can be learned by anyone. As he turns 82, how does he feel about aging and death, will he reincarnate as the Dalai Lama, or will he be the last of the lineage that has existed for a millennia? Directed by Mickey Lemle. 2016, in English. 82 mins.

Daughters of Dolma
September 15th
This illuminating documentary shows Tibetan Buddhist nuns as full individuals beyond their monastic vows and religious practices. From the use of Facebook to a love of horror films these nuns never fail to challenge preconceptions, integrating the craziness of the modern world into their ancient form of monastic lives. Directed by Adam Miklos. 2013, in English. 67 mins.

The Dhamma Brothers
October 13th
A documentary film that follows maximum security prison inmates entering an intensive, extended Vipassana retreat, what the director called the opportunity and techniques for significant introspection in a safe and supported environment. There they will journey into themselves and their misery to emerge with a sense of peace and purpose. Directed by Jenny Phillips, Andrew Kurkura, Anne Marie Stein. 2007, in English. 76 mins.

Shepherdess of the Glaciers
November 10th
At over sixteen thousand feet in the far northern mountains of Ladakh, Tsering, one of the last shepherdesses, grazes her flock of 300 sheep and pashmina goats. In the dry and desolate landscape they are under the continuous threat of wolves and snow leopards. Filmed over four seasons, we witness both her world of icy loneliness and that unbreakable bond between humans and animals. Directed by Stanzin Dorjai and Christiane Mordelet. 2015, Ladakhi with English subtitles. 74 mins.

The Tibetan Center 2017 Film Series

Saturdays monthly at 7:30 pm

Tickets by donation  

The Lion’s Roar
April 8th          
A masterful portrait of the late 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage, one of the four great lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Directed by Mark Elliott. 1985, in English, 50 min. 
May 13th          
The story of a struggle for the leadership of a tiny mountain village between its proud chief and a headstrong young caravanner as they make their annual salt trek across the Himalayas. Directed by Eric Valli. 2000, in Tibetan with English subtitles, 108 min.
What Remains of Us
June 3rd
A young refugee travels from Canada, where she was raised, to her native land, Tibet, in order to share  a video message from the Dalai Lama. Directed by Hugo Latulippe and Francois Prevost. 2004, narrated in English, 77 min.
Paths of the Soul
July 8th
By a Chinese filmmaker, featuring non-professional Tibetan actors, an account of a 7-month 1,200 mile pilgrimage to Lhasa from eastern Tibet. Directed by Zhang Yang. 2016, in Tibetan with English subtitles, 117 min.
August 12th
A shepherd leading a simple life goes into town to get an ID card in this parable about contemporary life in Tibet. Directed by Pema Tseden. 2015, in Tibetan with English subtitles, 123 min. 
The 5 Powers
September 9th
Employing animation, historic film footage and interviews, this documentary film is an account of how Vietnamese Zen masters Thich Nhat Hanh and Sister Chan Khong, and American anti-war superhero, Alfred Hassler, used the power of mindfulness for peace during the turbulent Vietnam War. Directed by Stuart Jolley and Gregory Kennedy-Salemi. 2016, English, 58 min.
Never Give Up
October 14th
Three women are inspired by the teachings of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje to engage in social action in Bodhgaya, India. Directed by James Gritz and Maria Fernanda Rivero. 2011, in English, 60 min. 

Ellen Miret – The Dhammapada Project

Exhibit open 10 am to 6 pm daily

The Dhammapada Project

For more information, click here.


The Tibetan Center 2016 Film Series

Saturdays monthly at 7:30 pm

Nine-Story Mountain   April 30th   Directed by Augusta Thomson. (USA, 2014, 85 mins, in English.) Documentary film. 

May 21st Home to Tibet  Directed by Alan Dater & Lisa Merton. (USA, 1995, 56 mins, in English.) Documentary film.

June 25th Valley of the Heroes  Directed by Khashem Gyal (2013, 54 mins, in Tibetan & Chinese with English subtitles.) Documentary film.

 July 23rd Old Dog  Directed by Pema Tseden (China, 2011, 88 mins, in Tibetan with English subtitles.) Narrative feature film.

August 20th  Blessings: The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet   Directed by Victress Hitchcock. (USA, 2009, 104 mins, in English.) Documentary film

September 24th The Dossier   Directed by Rikun Zhu. (China, 2014, 128 mins, in Chinese & Tibetan with English subtitles.) Documentary film.

The Tibetan Center 875 Route 28, Kingston, NY 12401 (845) 383-1774 & info@tibetancenter.org www.tibetancenter.org/events

Suggested donation: $8

Made possible in part through the generous support of ALS Consulting


The Tibetan Center 2015 Film Series

Made possible in part through the generous support of ALS Consulting

Saturdays monthly at 7:30 pm

$8 suggested donation

April 11th Embrace Directed by Dan Smyer Yu and Pema Tashi. (China, Germany, USA, 2011, 55 mins, in Amdo Tibetan Dialect with English subtitles.)

May 16th Sun Beaten Path Directed by Sonthar Gyal (China, 2011, 89 mins, in Amdo Tibetan Dialect and Mandarin with English subtitles.)

June 13th Summer Pasture Directed by Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Tsering Perlo. (2010, 86 mins, in Tibetan with English subtitles).

July 11th The Hunter and The Skeleton and 2 more Animated Shorts Directed by Gyatso Gentsu. (China, 2012, in Tibetan with English subtitles.)

August 8th Milarepa Directed by Neten Chokling. (USA, 2007, 95 mins, in Tibetan with English subtitles.)

September 26th The Search Directed by Pema Tseden. (China, 2009, 105 mins, in Tibetan with English subtitles.)

October 17th When the Iron Bird Flies Directed by Victress Hitchcock. (USA, 2012, 96 mins, in English.)

The Tibetan Center 2014 Film Series

Made possible in part through the generous support of ALS Consulting

Saturdays monthly at 7:30 pm

$8 suggested donation

March 15th Wheel of Time Directed by Werner Herzog (Germany, 2003, 80 mins, in English)

April 5th Monks in the Laboratory Directed by Delphine Morel (France, 2006, 53 mins, in English)

May 3rd Digital Dharma Directed by Dafna Yachin (USA, 2012, 90 mins, in English)

June 7th The Shadow Circus (The CIA in Tibet) Directed by Tenzin Sonam & Ritu Sarin (UK, 1998, 50 mins, in English)

July 5th Bringing Tibet Home Directed by Tenzin Tsetan Choklay (South Korea, 2013, 67 mins, in English)

August 2nd Silent Holy Stones Directed by Pema Tseden (China 2005, 98 mins, in Tibetan with English subtitles)

September 20th When the Bough Breaks Directed by Ji Dan (China, 2011, 147 mins, in Mandarin with English subtitles)

October 25th Lost Horizon Directed by Frank Capra (USA, 1937, 97 mins, in English)

November 15th Nicholas Roerich: Messenger of Beauty Directed by Jerry Rosser (USA, 1979, 44 mins, in English)


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